2 more sleeps till St. Patrick’s Day!!!!!!Ohhhh so close

Ok , I am not going to keep this long, but!! I do want to show you the passion of the St. Patrick’s Day season. Below are pics of my working friends Perry (Me buddy),Christine, Ian and our boss Edwin Fradsham, he looks good in a Paddy’s Day outfit…my buddy and fellow Newfoundland Irishman Patrick Foley gets certainly in the mood, thanks Pat.

My heart goes out to you and your family for the loss of your mother, god bless, please enjoy this observance, I am sure from what you tell me she would love it.

Take a look at the pics and enjoy this time of year. I will be posting other pics over this weekend…My children are so excited…!!!!!Pssttt and ya know what? so am I!!!!


God bless


St. Pat's


3 thoughts on “2 more sleeps till St. Patrick’s Day!!!!!!Ohhhh so close

  1. Ron, great office pictures. Ed looks like he could wear that hat all the time!!
    Love your shamrock jacket!
    Sorry I missed your celebration…just wasn’t feeling up to it. I’m sure it was fantastic, and I look forward to more pictures to prove it!!!


  2. Thanks for the comments people, I hoped you liked the additional pictures.


    Would of been great to see you, maybe a vacation around this time of year might be in order? *s*


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