St. Patrick’s Day Countdown!!

St. Patrick

St. Patrick’s Day


Ok, for those of you who do not know me all that well, I have to admit I am a major freak for St. Patrick’s Day.



It is true it is a religious observance in the Catholic Church, but in Newfoundland and Labrador especially, it is a truly wonderful celebration. I await the day with such unbridled anticipation; it almost eclipses Christmas (almost!!).


For those of you who would like to start at the beginning, please take a look at this website, it will give you a closer look into the Saint who started it all. St. Patrick, the patron Saint of Ireland,

Our Planned Celebration


St. Patrick’s Day is a planned celebration in our home, the children are taught to embrace the season and to learm more about their ancestors, (it do help drive away those winter blahs). We usually have a party at our home with plenty of fun, family, friends, games for all and yes, the music. My wife Lisa spends hours researching games that children and adults can play, most of these are of education value that helps all understand more about this holiday.




For me the countdown to “Padddy’s Day” started weeks ago, but now it is soon time for me to start the decorating, we decorate both inside and outside, this ensures the festive atmosphere is clearly displayed.

St BridgetOver the next 13 days I will be posting some ideas on how you can become a part of this celebration of Ireland with your family and friends.

St. Bridget

Do you know there is a lady patron Saint of Ireland? Her name is St. Bridget [Brigid] Her mother and father were actually baptized by St. Patrick, her observance day is February 1st, for more information go to: ) .

My brother Barry was facinated by this discovery and wrote a beautiful song called St. Bridget.

The Fairies

What wonderful folklore, the fairies!


As a child my mother had me frightened to death over the fairies. We were always warned about if we went into the woods and got lost turn your jacket or sweater inside out, or keep a piece of bread in your pocket, especially if the fog rolled in while picking berries or just exploring in by Fairy Hill in Riverhead, Harbour Grace


All towns in the Conception Bay North Area have their own fairy stories. Below is a photo showing Hibs Cove, Port de Grave. You can see where fairies hang out, especially when the fog rolls in!


Hibs Cove, Port de Grave



I know for the most part these pieces of folklore kept the youth of the day in check, but it was passed down generation after generation and for the most part what is spoken about to this day is still the same in parts of Ireland. Back some months ago I had the opportunity to sit in on a short seminar hosted by the Baccalieu Trail Tourism Association, they had two guests from Ireland. The event was a real eye opener for me as I listened to the gentleman explain how he interviewed students and some adults regarding fairies and folklore, the astounding part about it was the connection from Ireland to Newfoundland, it was almost spookie. I also found the comments from the room and especially the students of our local school very interesting. It prompted me to research the phenomena of the Fairies, if you like learning go to: .


One of my friends and web designer Margaret Ayad is a fellow fairy buff , I know she has a great deal of information on this topic, maybe she may share some more insight into amazing subject (in the comment section).



These are so much to discuss around the topic of Ireland and St. Patrick’s Day, I look forward to hearing from you and any traditions you may have on this topic.


My next blog will center around the music and the food of Ireland.

God Bless


2 thoughts on “St. Patrick’s Day Countdown!!

  1. OK…back to work for me now. After reading your latest addition, I had to, of course, give a listen to Four Green Fields – which I also love…and then I had to carry on and listen to one of my favourites ‘Steal Away’ by The Furey’s and a couple of more.


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