Newfoundland Friends

The year 2008 has had it ups and downs, apparently, some of our most watched friends have hit bumps and some have hit triumphs.

D’Arcy Broderick

D'Arcy Broderick

He is a person who I call a friend and who just suffered a stroke, our thoughts and prayers are certainly with him. One of the most talented musicians in Newfoundland and Labrador AND! in my opinion, has the greatest voice ever in traditional music.

As a founding member of the Irish Descendants and backbone of the Fables, D’Arcy has already left his mark on Newfoundland and Labrador. I think I have everything he has ever recorded including some tracts I had the honor of recording with him. I wish his family well and my prayers are will the clan.

Danny Cleary

Danny Cleary

The comeback kid, some had the dude down and out, but I am sure all were on their seats cheering him on during last years Stanley Cup push and his amazing current season. I was FLOORED when I received the news his jaw was shattered in a game , for the love of Pete!!! I met his uncle Scott(my Riverhead friend) and Francie Reynolds in the Halifax Airport a few weeks ago when the unfortunate accident happened !!! He was and is having an amazing YEAR!!!!!!….I am sure his family and the River is so proud of him, I know I am. I am also so thankful he had the opportunity to prove his talent, 40 points is a major milestone and I feel confident that he will rise to this challenge and over come it. Now if I could only get a signed jersey for my office!!!

Good luck Danny

Gordon Pinsent

Gordon Pinsent

A wonderful actor with a list of acting credits as long as my arm!! I think I first seen him in the Beachcombers or maybe it was the Forest Rangers in the 70’s. For some reason, not even knowing he was from Grand Falls Newfoundland and Labrador his persona lured me to every character he portrayed. With the major success of the movie “Away From Her” it has placed the characters and of course Gordon in a place that I knew he was familiar with. Sarah Polley is a brilliant director ,most would know her from Canadian TV…Road to Avonlea but her credits are far reaching.

Good luck to Gordon and our Canadian counterparts for the up and coming Genies.

God Bless


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