Gene Simmons why!! Take Care BRITNEY!!

Gene SimmonsOK, I would like to go back to comments, and even a rant on some issues of the day.

This blog is called “Why Gene Simmons” and Take care Brittney”!!!! Yes, this is a major departure from the warm fuzzy feeling of the Christmas season, and well it was the reason I wished this “blog” to be constructed.

Say it isn’t so Gene baby

Gene SimmonsI watched in utter dismay a few nights ago when Donald Trump fired Gene, at first I was thinking this couldn’t be happening as he was so overpowering, confident a true business person and for the show so marketable, he made the show!!!! But after thinking it through, I do see that in my opinion, he wanted to leave, Trump was not in his class, and well the ties had to be cut. Trumps daughter was glum and tried to be as self righteous as her father, but had a face on her like a smacked arse (pretty but too intense), it seems as though they were surprised in Genes comments!! They knew full well what he was going to bring to the table, and was one of the reasons for the amazing ratings…. I really think he grew tired of the show and wanted to bail, it had to be the reason. Anyway in my eyes Gene is king, he did link with a Newfoundland lady. COME ON GENE BRING YOUR REALITY SHOW TO THE ROCK!!!! I will bring you around and we might even make money!! Just image!!! A Gene Simmons park in “DILDO!!!” I get shivers thinking about it everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!

Poor ole Britany

Britney I will not spend a great deal of time on this BUT…. wow, this is getting crazy!!! If I had people chasing Me I am sure I could call some one and say, emmm hey, I am being stalked…. but for some reason it is cool to stalk Britany, I cringe when I see the papapoopie chase the lady down, this week one of which got arrested for following her. It is about time…I know they look for attention, and it fuels the industry, but do anyone care about human life, about her children? Our society is imploding, with the advent of groups taking out their anger with our southern friends and our Canadian troops giving their lives for the greater cause…and then we have to turn on the TV and watch the saga of a lady pushed to the brink? People, it is time to lay off, we are not on this earth long enough to allow this to happen, those children who have done nothing wrong, need to be given a break. I am not writing this to point fingers or take sides, but when I see the paper and people almost risking their lives for a pic? There is something wrong, someone needs to speak out. I guess I am trying to but I get 100 visits a day, so…I guess this will go unheard and we will have to watch what goes on the boob tube or do we…? How about the next time we see a story on her we turn off the TV, or not buy the tabloid, maybe that is what it is going to take to get these people to back off.

Gene, I look forward to watching and following your career, don’t forget to bring Shannon back to NL with your kids dude!!!!!!!! Brit….chicka, come to the rock, we will put you up at Woody Island Resort or the Klondyke Hotel so you can chill….although I am not sure you would like it….I would hope so….for your kids.

I would also like to wish my big bro Ken a happy Birthday!!!

Take Care,



Old Christmas Day and the Mummers (Jannies)

Hey all!!! Happy Old Christmas Day to you and your families.  Even though the day might be met with a sense of melancholy for some, and I guess for some it comes and goes with out evening knowing, which is sad. Old Christmas Day for me is a day to soak the last little bit of the Christmas season so I will have plenty for the rest of the year. Traditions in Newfoundland and Labrador are huge, and some of which includes the visitation of the Mummers or in certain areas are called Jannies. It is a huge part of our culture and has probably been brought to us from our English and Irish ancestors. In this blog I will talk about the Jannies and as well the history of Old Christmas Day according to my research.

 Mummers (Jannies)   

Mummers have been a huge part of Newfoundland culture for a very long time. I can remember the anticipation of the bang on the door, sometimes I was so afraid as I did not know who was coming, but we knew soon enough the visit would mean singing and music for a short time, it was a great way to go to sleep, after we stole a look to try to see who there were. Mr. Andy Short and group were the most anticipated group of mummers, I use to be so nervous, but excited at the same time, I would almost jump out of my skin when I saw the hobby horse, it was frightening, I was not sure if it was going to get me. I would love to see it again, maybe the family still has it somewhere.

The mummer movement is celebrated all over the world, each country celebrates it in many different was. The largest celebration is probably in Philadelphia, they have a huge mummers parade with thousands of dollars of prizes, there is a great deal of info on their site Apparently the practice of mummers goes back of over 400 BC.

During my research I found over 14 countries that celebrate some form mummering.

I am hoping that Bay Roberts will actually host a festival based on mummers, I think Newfoundland and Labrador celebrates it best!!

 Old Christmas Day Old Christmas Day is celebrated in many ways, parties, mummers visitations, and of course church. The date in the church calendar is the day of Epiphany whish is a Greek word meaning appearance; it is the night that the Wisemen witnessed Jesus for the first time.“ The observance of Epiphany actually goes back farther than the observance of Christmas. It was known to have been celebrated before 194 AD, while the observance of the Nativity, in the form of Christmas, did not actually catch on until the 4th century AD.” ( )”

Please take a look at the above link, I found it amazing as the history of the day was new news for me.

I love everything about the season and I love Old Christmas Day, thank you so much for reading my Christmas blogs and I hope you read and pass on my other blogs throughout the year.

God Bless