Finding Christmas

Christmas can be easy to find during its approach, its sights, sounds and the smells. The one thing that disturbs me is that once the initial day is over the allurement subsides, leaving a void in the season, maybe because of the blatant commercialism that is attached to the season.   I have always been taxed with finding Christmas after December 25th; it can be difficult, especially when most (if not all) the radio stations have forgotten about the Christmas songs, I HATE THAT!!!!

I make sure I have my VCR on and cd’s ready to take me through the festive season.  Tonight I found some old radio audio files. Most were back in the 30’ and 40’s; if you are interested in getting some please email me I would be happy to forward this to you.

Every evening we play some of the shows we taped or show what I purchased on E-Bay or even what Santa brought for our children.

I always make sure we play Christmas music in our house for the twelve days of Christmas, as well as read storybooks. I think my brother and sister in law Ray and Kathy Noel had the greatest impact in my life regarding embracing the season. When visiting their home or babysitting for them, Lisa and I were met with the sounds of Christmas; the sounds of Tennessee Ernie Ford, Burl Ives and Jim Reeves were heard all over the house, for the full twelve days of Christmas!!!. It was a wondrous feeling and I will not forget it.

It is up to us the keep the spirit alive, to make the season special, to go sliding, to have a pj party with neighbors, watch movies, play games, to cook festive food. We need to keep it a magical time of year. I am currently watching what is my favorite seasonal  movie “The Sound of Music” (I know it is not Christmas, but it is my favorite that is shown this time of year)

I want everyone to find and enjoy the season of Christmas, to actually keep it in your heart.  If inclined to do so, email radio stations to ask to keep Christmas music going for the full season, yes including January 6th. If they decide to not to do so, tell them there are plenty who will fill the void.

I hope you all find Christmas .

Please have a Happy New Year and be careful with those fireworks!!!




3 thoughts on “Finding Christmas

  1. Hi Ron

    I’ve been reading your blog but until now haven’t commented. I couldn’t wait another moment. I wanted to share with you something special that I remember as a little girl growing up in Green’s Hr, in Trinity Bay. Many important memories that I’m afraid I’m going to lose. But one that stays with me are the carolers – I remember the carolers coming to our house probably about 4 in the morning as they were ending their rounds and waking to the sounds of them entering our house downstairs and singing the old tyme hymns. There’s nothing like it. We weren’t allowed to go down stairs until they had finished singing the first carol. Then I would hear my parents get up and go down to greet them. I’d sit on the stairs and listen to them laughing and singing. Dad would get out the spirits and start cooking them breakfast. I still smell the eggs and bacon.

    I love your stories and agree with you that we should keep them alive. By the way had a visit last night from some jannies and I think they were young friends of my sons. Glad to know that the young people are keeping the traditions of Christmas as well.

    Happy New Year. Keep the blog going.


  2. Hi Kathi,

    Thanks so much for posting to the blog!!

    I can remember last year someone on CBC radio talking about your tradition, and how it was connected with other areas across NL. I think I will ask them for a copy of the show, it was amazing and gave me a warm feeling, I love keeping history alive, especially Jannies!! Am so happy you were visited by some over this season!!

    So many get ready to take down their trees now, and for some I guess it has to happen early, but for Me there are times the tree do not come down till the week after, and I do not mind a bit….smiles….keep having a great Christmas and a happy New Year!!!.


  3. My mother used to say that you had a have a little bit of Xmas in every corner of the house and sometimes she’d keep some Xmas decorations up all year round. I tend to do the same. I keep it up until the last minute and I know last year my fireplace was decorated for Xmas right up until Easter. I love it.


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