Yes!! He Is The Reason For The Season

mangerWhile still in the early stages of the Advent Season it is nice to reflect on the real reason for this season. We all prepare in our own special ways; buying gifts is certainly part of this preparation for Christmas, we all love it! We also love the food and the smells associated with the season. I still love going to my parent’s house, when I climb the steps I can smell the breads and cakes baking. This year mom gave us all some of the yearly baked treats early; it is so hard to keep them, some were kept, but some were eaten of course. I really think the smell is just as good as the taste; it brings back memories of my childhood especially if mom has a drop of Purity Syrup. My heart feels light with those memories; it helps me get the feeling clarity of being at peace with myself. I feel the same way when we pray at the Advent Wreath with my family, I also get it when going to church and viewing the Nativity. We have our own Nativity scene in our house, and it is the focal point during the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. I am sure most of you have one in one form or another. Some families have donated theirs for the period of December 6 – 14 to The Church of Jesus Christ on Central Street Bay Roberts. There is only one more day for you all to view this amazing piece of Christmas preparation. (Tomorrow night!!)

If you have an opportunity please visit them tomorrow evening, it is the last day. It is not everyday you see 150 Nativity Scenes; I think you will love it; it is easy to see He is the reason for the season.

Please note the following information:

Nativity Set Showing

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will present their award-winning Nativity Set collection, “Come Let Us Adore Him”, Thursday, December 6th through Friday, December 14, 2007. The Nativity set display can be viewed each day from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Church, 75 Central Street Bay Roberts. Special group showings will be available by calling 786-3363.
The display is open to the public at no charge.



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