The Season Advent

Advent Candle

I posted the below comment on the comment section of another persons blog this evening, I thought it would be a good idea to repost it here. I guess in a way I was putting the “Cart before the horse” in my music comments in previous blogs.

Advent is a special time for my family and I am sure it is for you. While reading various blogs about the topic it is apparent some do not know much about the observance and some would like to know more if it was available to them. There are many websites out there to help especially if you did not grow up with Advent. Please take the time to read and comment if you wish.

(comment posted this evening)

Advent wreathAdvent is a season of prerparation, anticipation of making yourself ready to celebrate the coming of Jesus. It is a enlightening time of year for me and one that I look forward to. I have always celebrated Advent as part of my Catholic faith, but when I grew older I decided to become more active, I now have a Advent Wreath in my house and the whole family takes part in singing advent songs,reading scriptures and of course lighting of the candles daily. It is a nice gathering place, it gives my family an opportunity see another side to getting ready for the Christmas season.
I wish you luck and much joy in becoming ready for the real meaning of Christmas.
P.S here is a link to a wonderful site regarding Advent




One thought on “The Season Advent

  1. I have always celebrated Advent as part of my Catholic faith, and especially going to a girls Catholic School in St. John’s. Each Advent Season our class would light the candles and somewhere I have a picture of myself lighting a candle. “Memories” Each year our family tradition is to use the Advent Calendar that has a small bag pinned that you move each day and then the candy treat is eaten on Christmas Eve. The link you have listed is great.

    Keep up the good work on you blog.

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