Sounds of the Season part 2


Hey all!!


Thank you so much for reading my last blog, the response has been amazing.

I have been surprised by the emails and comments….(was hoping it was going to happen)

I do not have enough suggestions to complete a top ten Christmas song list but I am getting there.

Below are some comments from this weeks blog…please please !! keep them coming .


My good friend Fabian James recommended some, and I agree with all of them.

      –         Olde Tyme Christmas Song written by Terry Kelly and Declan O’Doherty

         First Christmas written by my friend Barry Canning (what a wonderful person, what more can I say, a gentleman and a person who do not mind helping  others…please search for his music, it is worth it)

         Vaughn Rowsell Back Home For The Holidays


Margaret Ayad , who is also a good friend of mine recommends Pamela Morgan and Anita Best of the Christmas CD Amber Christmas; I personally love their voices, they are Newfoundland and Labrador.

 Deanne Hiscock, whom I grew up with suggested Greg Walsh’s That’s What Christmas Means to Me. Greg has a huge distinct voice that is very recognizable and appreciated. The song is certainly a classic and do stir feelings of the Newfoundland Christmas season. 

It is great to have so many who have emailed/contacted me, keep it coming. 

Just to jump to another topic for a moment. If you get a opportunity, you really need to visit the Bay Roberts Christmas Illuminating Park. The opening ceremonies were great, there are few communities in rural Newfoundland and Labrador who can have over 1500 persons in attendance. I apologize for the sound that evening but we will ensure it will not happen again. The evening was filled with excitement, laughter, hot chocolate and of course lights. Please visit the park and see why Bay Roberts is one of the most progressive communities in our province. Set your radios to 88.5 fm to hear the music from your car, it will be worth it. 

On another note I stumbled on another Christmas site for the family that had info on games, coloring sheets, recipes, music etc, check it out and pass it on to your family and friends.  If you have questions or comments on the Christmas section of my blog please pass it along to or the comments section of this blog.

Please keep the Christmas top ten Newfoundland and Labrador music alive (I need Labrador content please!!!!)(pass it on!!!!)

Take care



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