Finding Christmas

Christmas can be easy to find during its approach, its sights, sounds and the smells. The one thing that disturbs me is that once the initial day is over the allurement subsides, leaving a void in the season, maybe because of the blatant commercialism that is attached to the season.   I have always been taxed with finding Christmas after December 25th; it can be difficult, especially when most (if not all) the radio stations have forgotten about the Christmas songs, I HATE THAT!!!!

I make sure I have my VCR on and cd’s ready to take me through the festive season.  Tonight I found some old radio audio files. Most were back in the 30’ and 40’s; if you are interested in getting some please email me I would be happy to forward this to you.

Every evening we play some of the shows we taped or show what I purchased on E-Bay or even what Santa brought for our children.

I always make sure we play Christmas music in our house for the twelve days of Christmas, as well as read storybooks. I think my brother and sister in law Ray and Kathy Noel had the greatest impact in my life regarding embracing the season. When visiting their home or babysitting for them, Lisa and I were met with the sounds of Christmas; the sounds of Tennessee Ernie Ford, Burl Ives and Jim Reeves were heard all over the house, for the full twelve days of Christmas!!!. It was a wondrous feeling and I will not forget it.

It is up to us the keep the spirit alive, to make the season special, to go sliding, to have a pj party with neighbors, watch movies, play games, to cook festive food. We need to keep it a magical time of year. I am currently watching what is my favorite seasonal  movie “The Sound of Music” (I know it is not Christmas, but it is my favorite that is shown this time of year)

I want everyone to find and enjoy the season of Christmas, to actually keep it in your heart.  If inclined to do so, email radio stations to ask to keep Christmas music going for the full season, yes including January 6th. If they decide to not to do so, tell them there are plenty who will fill the void.

I hope you all find Christmas .

Please have a Happy New Year and be careful with those fireworks!!!




Christmas, Doyle’s Lane and the Bog

I can remember a time in my youth when cold nights and walks were the norm and anticipation of visitations of the Jannies was prevalent. I remember inhaling the Christmas air of Riverhead and walking the streets till we joined our friends in Doyle’s Lane, fires flickering, voices carrying the seasons news drifting in the air, the feeling of the season keeping a smile on our faces.  Those days in my memory were cold and clear, and we enjoyed them so much, the crunch of the snow and the smell of the smoky chimneys are still engrained in my mind with each visitation to the place of my youth.

We gathered regardless of age. It was a time to be together in our small town, the flickering lights of the fire dancing across our face as we decided the evening’s events. We all knew it was cold enough to go to the bog, to slide across the ice to celebrate the Christmas season and to be warmed by the fire on the hill. I remember Cyril Jordan, Ronnie Hickey, Danny White, Chris and Terry Miller and others sipping the forbidden brew that seemed to help in a difficult time for one of our friends. It is a time I will not forget, and would never wish to, it was an age of innocence an age of true friendship; for me a true meaning of the season of Christmas.

I can remember an evening we met some Jannies by Dick Doran’s house. They were just getting started, of course urging us to join them. But at the time we had plans made and wished all good night, watching their silhouette go smaller and smaller as they left us.  We had an evening to spend at the bog.

For some reason, I do not think today’s youth visit our special winter place, and it is indeed a pity as it is a place in my mind I will always remember.

If the weather is cool enough, please visit Riverhead and the bog, have a skate, and if you listen closely, you still might hear our laughter and think of the good times we had.

 God Bless.

Final decorations and TIBBS EVE!!!!!!!!!

Hi all,

I am dusting off this blog as it gives a good description of Tibb’s Eve. A special time to be with friends and family and and give a toast to the past.

Ok, I was not sure if I would get the opportunity to post another blog, especially since I did post one a short while ago. Well, I just finished decorating my house and my buddy Perry’s, I guess as you can see from the picture we did take a chance to warm up and talk about the season. I really look forward to decorating every year since I came to Coley’s Point, Bay Roberts.

Ron and Perry

While finishing the lights, I mentioned to Perry about our custom in Riverhead, Hr. Grace to celebrate “Tibb’s Eve” which is tomorrow (December 23rd). Historically, it is a observance that has been around for a great deal of time, for me growing up in rural Newfoundland I think of it with deep affection as my grandfather Arthur Hurdle instilled the significance of the day to us.


In the Newfoundland Dictionary there is a long explanation to what “Tibb’s Eve” is, but as I read through it I do see where is originated as it pertains to my Grandfather. If interested, please read the following link

For my family and my grandfather, it was a day of sampling the brew that was seldom present during the rest of the year. For “Pop” we would take him to the liquor store, and of course would go back to the homestead and sample the purchase. My wife Lisa just purchased new glasses for Christmas entertaining, some of which were small 4 oz glasses. My grandfather would call them “Legion Glasses” and would give us a“grog “or a “dram” of what ever he had to toast Tibb’s Eve. I never knew the total meaning, but I did love spending time with him and Nan. They are now gone for years, but I will never forget this tradition and I will enjoy keeping it alive. One part of the tradition that I have not stopped and those of my brothers that are still around still do it, we go to his grave side on Christmas Eve and toast to him and our family members who are now gone. I love it, it is a major part of Christmas, it is a calming place, I find it fulfilling and I will do it for as long as I can, and it is a part of Christmas for me.


For those of you who have not heard of Tibb’s Eve, please learn of it, have fun with it:; it is part of our heritage and part of our family.


Take Care



Christmas Lights and Everything Nice

Well only a few more sleeps before that magical night, my children Maggie and Kaegan can’t wait, and really nor Lisa and I. I just want to say before I go on; we do realize that Jesus is the reason for the season, which we embrace.

I just drove by the Bay Roberts Christmas light display and I have to say I am very proud of it, but I will also say that I am just as proud of the lights around our community, they are simply amazing. Those of you who are not from Bay Roberts and can come please visit our town to see the festive spirit of a special community.

Zone Winner in Bay Roberts Lighting
Zone Winner – Bay Roberts Christmas Lights

Ok now for the music, I am sure you have all found Christmas music on the Internet, if you have not discovered your special station please take a look at the these sites, I think they are treasures (this site has many genres of Christmas music, I play some constantly), and . There are hundreds out there of course but have a listen to these; some unlock many many more stations, especially the first site.

A few blogs ago I asked you to send your comments about songs you really liked for the season, especially those composed by Newfoundlanders and Labradorians I did get many who offered suggestions including those for Kenny Butler (Thanks Pam Norman)

I also took the opportunity to e-mail my good friend Barry Canning; he is an amazing singer and songwriter who now resides in Toronto. Listen to them on his website – They are wonderful. Good to talk to you Barry.

1000+ visits and counting!!!! I want to take the opportunity to thank all of you for visiting, reading and passing this blog along, as of yesterday it reached the 1000+ mark!!! It is a new blog, but you have helped it receive major profile with some posts even making it to newspaper!!Once again thank you and keep passing it along.

I am not sure if I will get a chance to do another blog before the 24th, so I will like to wish all of you a very blessed and Merry Christmas.

God Bless


Yes!! He Is The Reason For The Season

mangerWhile still in the early stages of the Advent Season it is nice to reflect on the real reason for this season. We all prepare in our own special ways; buying gifts is certainly part of this preparation for Christmas, we all love it! We also love the food and the smells associated with the season. I still love going to my parent’s house, when I climb the steps I can smell the breads and cakes baking. This year mom gave us all some of the yearly baked treats early; it is so hard to keep them, some were kept, but some were eaten of course. I really think the smell is just as good as the taste; it brings back memories of my childhood especially if mom has a drop of Purity Syrup. My heart feels light with those memories; it helps me get the feeling clarity of being at peace with myself. I feel the same way when we pray at the Advent Wreath with my family, I also get it when going to church and viewing the Nativity. We have our own Nativity scene in our house, and it is the focal point during the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. I am sure most of you have one in one form or another. Some families have donated theirs for the period of December 6 – 14 to The Church of Jesus Christ on Central Street Bay Roberts. There is only one more day for you all to view this amazing piece of Christmas preparation. (Tomorrow night!!)

If you have an opportunity please visit them tomorrow evening, it is the last day. It is not everyday you see 150 Nativity Scenes; I think you will love it; it is easy to see He is the reason for the season.

Please note the following information:

Nativity Set Showing

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will present their award-winning Nativity Set collection, “Come Let Us Adore Him”, Thursday, December 6th through Friday, December 14, 2007. The Nativity set display can be viewed each day from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Church, 75 Central Street Bay Roberts. Special group showings will be available by calling 786-3363.
The display is open to the public at no charge.


The Season Advent

Advent Candle

I posted the below comment on the comment section of another persons blog this evening, I thought it would be a good idea to repost it here. I guess in a way I was putting the “Cart before the horse” in my music comments in previous blogs.

Advent is a special time for my family and I am sure it is for you. While reading various blogs about the topic it is apparent some do not know much about the observance and some would like to know more if it was available to them. There are many websites out there to help especially if you did not grow up with Advent. Please take the time to read and comment if you wish.

(comment posted this evening)

Advent wreathAdvent is a season of prerparation, anticipation of making yourself ready to celebrate the coming of Jesus. It is a enlightening time of year for me and one that I look forward to. I have always celebrated Advent as part of my Catholic faith, but when I grew older I decided to become more active, I now have a Advent Wreath in my house and the whole family takes part in singing advent songs,reading scriptures and of course lighting of the candles daily. It is a nice gathering place, it gives my family an opportunity see another side to getting ready for the Christmas season.
I wish you luck and much joy in becoming ready for the real meaning of Christmas.
P.S here is a link to a wonderful site regarding Advent



Sounds of the Season part 2


Hey all!!


Thank you so much for reading my last blog, the response has been amazing.

I have been surprised by the emails and comments….(was hoping it was going to happen)

I do not have enough suggestions to complete a top ten Christmas song list but I am getting there.

Below are some comments from this weeks blog…please please !! keep them coming .


My good friend Fabian James recommended some, and I agree with all of them.

      –         Olde Tyme Christmas Song written by Terry Kelly and Declan O’Doherty

         First Christmas written by my friend Barry Canning (what a wonderful person, what more can I say, a gentleman and a person who do not mind helping  others…please search for his music, it is worth it)

         Vaughn Rowsell Back Home For The Holidays


Margaret Ayad , who is also a good friend of mine recommends Pamela Morgan and Anita Best of the Christmas CD Amber Christmas; I personally love their voices, they are Newfoundland and Labrador.

 Deanne Hiscock, whom I grew up with suggested Greg Walsh’s That’s What Christmas Means to Me. Greg has a huge distinct voice that is very recognizable and appreciated. The song is certainly a classic and do stir feelings of the Newfoundland Christmas season. 

It is great to have so many who have emailed/contacted me, keep it coming. 

Just to jump to another topic for a moment. If you get a opportunity, you really need to visit the Bay Roberts Christmas Illuminating Park. The opening ceremonies were great, there are few communities in rural Newfoundland and Labrador who can have over 1500 persons in attendance. I apologize for the sound that evening but we will ensure it will not happen again. The evening was filled with excitement, laughter, hot chocolate and of course lights. Please visit the park and see why Bay Roberts is one of the most progressive communities in our province. Set your radios to 88.5 fm to hear the music from your car, it will be worth it. 

On another note I stumbled on another Christmas site for the family that had info on games, coloring sheets, recipes, music etc, check it out and pass it on to your family and friends.  If you have questions or comments on the Christmas section of my blog please pass it along to or the comments section of this blog.

Please keep the Christmas top ten Newfoundland and Labrador music alive (I need Labrador content please!!!!)(pass it on!!!!)

Take care