Tis the week it all begins!!!!!


Well we are getting closer to that magical time of year!!Even though my blog page is not dedicated to the activities of the town of Bay Roberts, I will be commenting on its progress to get ready for the Christmas season.

During this week, most of our illumination shipments will be delivered from various places across North America. Lights, animated scenes and decorations will increase this years display by 20 000 + lights!! We have assembled an amazing group of individuals to assist us in this upgrade including school teaches, businesspersons, and municipal staff. This pilot project will be the first of its kind in Newfoundland and Labrador and if successful will contribute to the promotion of Bay Roberts as a Christmas destination for community events for the entire region and will be an enticement for the prospective shopper.

The Klondyke

Klondyke CausewayMajor progress has been made on the Klondyke Causeway, the decking is almost completed and the sitting areas have been installed. The greatest improvement is the installation of the heritage lights, they look amazing!!. These lights will also be decked out in new Christmas lighting in the coming weeks. The rest of the work will be completed in the spring of 2008.


In my last edition I mentioned that I would be giving tips on illumination as well as suggestions on some websites for the festive season. Well my first tip is to set up early, this do not mean you have to turn them on, most of the days are still relatively mild so its a good time to do it. I hate shivering outside wishing I had to do it the weeks before. Another tip is to pair with a neighbor or family, decorate together, when one house is completed then its time to go to the other. It makes for a good tradition and ensures a safer environment especially when climbing ladders.


Websites, wow, there are so many out there, I guess that is the wonderful thing about the internet, all you have to do is ask and for the most part you will find.

SantaI would like to start my website suggestions with the holy season of Advent. The most informative site found for studying advent in my opinion is http://www.cresourcei.org/cyadvent.html , this link is a great resource into the season of Advent written by Dennis Bratcher, it as well may answer some of your questions you might of liked to ask including what is the origin of the word XMAS , I always thought it was a shortened way to say Christmas, I guess to some it still is just a abbreviation.


Another children’s site is http://www.techdirect.com/christmas/childrens-christmas.html , what an amazing site!! I almost feel like I am giving away all the secrets of Christmas. This site encompasses many facets of this yuletide season. Please take this time to research this above sites and if you have comments, questions or concerns please respond to the comment section of my blog.


Last but certainly not least, I would like to wish my son Kaegan a happy birthday, it was celebrated this Friday, but his party was this afternoon. It was a nice event with many of his classmates and friends. Thanks for everyone who came he loved it!!




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