‘Tis the Season………..Almost!!

Chomper with MummersWell, here we are, only days away from Halloween, from the ghosts and goblins knocking on doors… “trick or treating.” I love this time of year. A time for excitement and anticipation, WAIT… WAIT a minute, this kind of sounds like Christmas!!!

From my blog site, it is evident I am getting into the Christmas mode (New Christmas look). It is an exciting time of year; it is a time of year for children, for family and for friends.

I work for municipal government in Newfoundland and Labrador, we have been planning for this occasion for quite some time. I love the excitement, the planning, and the little community of Bay Roberts is second to none when it comes to preparing for this, the holiest of seasons.

Festival of LightsBay Roberts is a close knit town that prides itself on community, in preserving heritage and education; the relationship we have with our schools and organizations is unparrelled; as a result we have been bestowed the honor of being Two time National Champions in Winter Lights programming. The town and its volunteers have worked very diligently to ensure its success on a national level.

Over the coming weeks I will be posting to my blog, updating everyone on the progress of the preparations of the Christmas season. Please check back for pictures and information on the launch of the first ever Christmas Intelligent Light Park.

Klondyke Causeway


The flag ship of the town of Bay Roberts will finally nearing completion and ready for the Christmas season. The Klondyke Causeway will be completed with heritage lighting and decking and will be accented with seasonal lighting… just in time for the launch of the Festival of Lights.


For me is it’s a very exciting time of year, I can’t wait to show off our community to the national judges and to be profiled as one of the most progressive and proud communities of this great county of ours.

I will endeavor to give ideas to help celebrate this time of year, to offer suggestions on food, crafts, christmas websites and fun during this mystical time of year.

If you have questions or comments please past them along as I enjoy the discussion that ensues regarding this time of year


God Bless



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