A Tale of Two Gentlemen

Roland BulterGlenn Littlejohn

The district of Port de Grave has found itself in an amazing situation during this provincial election. We have two individuals – the current MHA Roland Butler (Liberal) and the current Mayor of Bay Roberts Glenn Littlejohn (PC) – who have given an enormous amount of time and energy to this district and beyond. I know both personally. Like a great many others, I can attest to the energy and passion both personify for the people of the district of Port de Grave.

I am not writing this to point fingers concerning who is the best for the electorate. I am writing to promote the need to actually get involved, to get out and vote, to be counted.

We have a unique opportunity to actually exercise our right of franchise. The options are there for us, and we need to think what is best for a regional community. Both men have proven records of being men who are “doers.” I believe they actually care about us, and in return we need to extend this courtesy and become involved in the political process that will happen next week. We owe it to ourselves and to the people of our progressive district.

Good luck to both gentlemen.

Ron Delaney


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