New CD Release from my brother Barry


Its been awhile since I have posted on Delaney’s Rant , but I am happy to post this blog about my bro Barry. For those of you who do not know Barry ; he is a gifted songwriter and story teller. I have been listening to his creations for years and have to say I am one of his biggest fans. Barry’s first songs appeared on the CD Erin’s Call, a self titled project that was released in 2002. A great deal of Barry’s songs are featured on this CD including the popular Widow’s Walk. He also released a Christmas CD a couple years ago, Let the Bells Ring , all original, which is refreshing.

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Still plenty of Christmas left , and Happy New Year Everyone!!


HI all, I guess the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season got to me and I did not get to blog very much! Sometimes the preparation for the season can be a bit overwhelming. There comes a time when you need to just step back , ponder the year (and season), embrace the new memories you are making and enjoy. I am enjoying my holidays and finally have some time to write a few lines and show a few pictures of my Christmas so far.

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Happy Tibbs Eve 2015

Good morning everyone!! For those of you who know me , Tibbs Eve is a special day for me and the Hurdle/Delaney Clan . It has been for generations. My grandfather and his family has observed the 23rd of December for decades. it was a time of sampling and ensuring all preparations for Christmas were taken care of. That included ensuring the baking was done, various rooms in the house were painted (the smell of fresh paint always reminded me of Christmas), plenty of food was on hand and of course ensuring there was plenty to drink.

Nanny Delaney (mom) showing us some of her Christmas treats, snow balls and homemade marshmallow squares!

As a child , I remember going down town Hr. Grace NL with some of my siblings, taking pop to run his errands. These were exciting times as we knew that in only days the big fellow would be here and more immediately , we knew that when we went back to nan and pops there would be sampling. As children, it was a chance to taste purity syrup and Christmas cake, but in later years there was a chance for a “dram” of liquor (Lambs Palm Breeze) in a small legion glass.



Pops favorite was Lamb’s Palm Breeze, a Newfoundland favorite.

Today, this celebration has kind of exploded into a new tradition for many, they have been introduced to another part of our culture. I hope they celebrate it in the means for what I think it was intended, to prepare, make sure all is right and get your heart ready to accept and welcome Christmas.

Happy Tibbs Eve and Merry Christmas to you and yours.



Happy 50th Anniversary to my wonderful parents (its moms birthday too!!)


I have been waiting for a few years to celebrate my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary for many reasons. Firstly it is a testament of their love, devotion and yes patience for one another. Love and devotion are obvious, it is what we signed on for when we all shared our vows, but the patience part is to tolerate and accept that we are not all perfect and sometimes there are ups and downs. I am assuming everyone has ups and downs in their relationships, for those who say they do not are either lying or just recently married (LOL). What makes a relationship work for 50+ years is having a firm foundation, a deep love, and true commitment to your partner you both need to be able to tolerate, accept and in some cases, forgive, especially after an argument. Sometimes it is too easy to call it quits in a relationship (I know sometimes it is necessary) but it makes those who can reach this milestone heroes and people to look up to. I look up to my mother and father for celebrating 50 years of marriage, for raising 5 children and for loving and spoiling (in a good way) 6 grandchildren.

Mom and Dad are a wonderful, kind-hearted couple who have supported us throughout our lives, it is comforting to know they are there, I appreciate it and even treasure it while I can. I looked around the hall last Saturday evening seeing their friends and our family celebrate, it was special and I thank everyone for coming and being part of our Delaney history.


I would like to thank my sister Tanya for taking the lead role in making this happen. she put tremendous energy in all the fine details as well as the big ones ensuring everyone was invited , cake was ordered, decorations were ready, siblings were prepared, thanks so much Tanya. Thanks Gerard for the music, Ken for the amazing food (especially the chilli !!) Barry of course for the tunes and the craic.

Mom and Dads Wedding Day 50 years ago

Mom and Dads Wedding Day 50 years ago


Fifty years later cutting their cake , God love them !!!

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad and Happy Birthday Mom!!! Looking forward to celebrating many more!!!

We love you!!

60 Years and two wonderful people!!


Marriage is a sacred and special bond that is shared between two persons who unconditionally devote themselves to each other. For me and my wife Lisa, we will be enjoying 22 years of marriage in August and have been grateful for each year that we shared that bond. Having said that, my mother and father in law have set the bar high; today is their 60th Wedding Anniversary. They are the pillars of the Noel family, the link between, in my opinion, plenty of awesome people. Their guidance, support, and friendship have been unfaltering and have helped shape us all.  I have enjoyed their friendship since I have been visiting their Valley Road home for over 30 years!!

Mom and Dad in Law, Albert and Bessie Noel always have their Irish on when they some for the party!

Mom and Dad in Law, Albert and Bessie Noel always have their Irish on when they come for the St. Patrick’s Day party!

They have a unique zest for life and are always up for a bit of fun as is illustrated in the picture above. Their passion for embracing life is  and will always be infectious. They help make us better people, they dissipate our inhibitions to celebrate and just be ourselves.  I first felt this when I  had the privilege of meeting both their mothers many years ago….I can remember Lisa  whispering …..ya got to give nan a kiss…..and when I did I have to say it had a therapeutic affect on me. Since then I have no issue in kissing and hugging those in my extended family as they are all loving and connected.

This is just a few words to say how fortunate I feel to have the opportunity to be part of a wonderful family and this is my chance to say a heartfelt HAPPY anniversary to TWO wonderful people….who produced an amazing daughter ……..looking forward to your 70th!!!!


                               Thank you Maggie for making a awesome poster!!

Juanita Tobin did a amazing job on this cake and cupcake display!!!

Thanks to Juanita Tobin who did an amazing job on this cake and cupcake display!!!

Let’s Fight Litter!!!!


This is a re-blog, but the issue is still the same!! Bay Roberts WHY LITTER DAY on June 20th , 2015 starting at the Bay Arena 9am. refreshments to be served 12 noon that the town council office 321 Water Street.

Delaney's Rant

On May 14 we will be holding a “Clean-up Day in Bay Roberts”. Meet us at 9 am at the Bay Arena parking lot to help make a difference or assemble a team in your community and help make a litter difference. We need to get clean for the up and coming tourism season.

Watch You Step

Ok, for a rant, a real RANT!! Litter litter everywhere! Wow! Instead of getting better, I think it is getting worse.

One of the down points of living and working for a service community is the obvious problem of litter and peoples’ complaints about it. All comments are warranted, justifiable and above all, true!!

Littering in Conception Bay and especially in Bay Roberts is becoming ever increasingly a major problem. Pride for the earth and the environment should be buzz words in our society, but for some reason some people still feel compelled to sit or…

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Jim McCann, the legend and the legacy RIP



If there ever was a man that I would have loved to meet at this point of my life it would have been Jim McCann. I have been a fan of Irish music all of my adult life and I do have many musicians and singers from Ireland that I appreciate. For some reason, for which I am not sure of, I did not have many recordings of Jim, even when he was with the Dubliners. I really only gained a greater knowledge of him through YouTube some years back. These days I do have plenty of recordings and video links, all of which are amazing. I can remember years ago (not that many) I took great delight finding more and more YouTube videos of Jim, some with the Dubliners but most on his own as a solo artist. He always showed passion for his music but a mischievous smile was not far behind. I had always envisioned him being much younger than he was (close to my age even), and when reality kicked in there was an extreme feeling of melancholy.


The voice

Jim McCann had a unique voice in my opinion, clear, rich, structured, not a voice of your average pub singer (love pub singers though!).  I was saddened to find out that later in his career it was taken away from him as a result from his treatments from throat cancer. He had an amazing career and was a son of Ireland in many ways I could write more about his accomplishment but I think watching him says it all.

What a man of character, I would of lost it but he kept going!!

Here is a complete and heartfelt rendition of Meet Me at the Pillar


About a year ago I started compiling a blog to toast Jim, I regret it was never completed. Some of his YouTube offerings are posted on this blog, it is hard to explain how someone I never met had (has) such a huge effect on me. I read  a few articles that upon his 70th Birthday he reflected on things he regretted not doing, like finishing a book.

His words have left an impact on me, it made me reflect on things unfinished, Jim made me realize that I need to ensure a chapter has an opportunity to end and to seize the day and cherish it, I just wonder for Jim was it too late.

Here is a interview from Jim on his 70th birthday, for me it says it all , that you to the Irish Independent

Jim Has left a unintentional legacy with me, to treasure and embrace and enjoy life .